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ext. But I also use more film and visual culture in my classes."As to his student▓s' reaction to the "By the River" novella collection, he said: "American students who don't know so much about China find it a little difficult to relat▓e to the problems and issues that c▓haracters in these stories are dealing with.""Some of them liked stories more than I

is going on in Ch

ina today,

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    ke," he said. "But I think they▓ make a great component to use in teaching about mo

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    dern and contemporary Chinese▓ literature.""Apart from learning the thoughts, ▓feeling

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trauma," sa

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    of our common humanity," he said. "This is particularly ▓important in a world th

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to be ordinary people,▓ flirting wit

aching his students

about literatu

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    h each other, dealing with the deaths of▓ their parents, stealing bicycles, catching a cold, comp

  • oming "marginalized by digital

    eting for recognition, or worrying that they look too old when they see themselves in the mirror," he said."We can relate to these things, a

  • culture and ▓visual cultur

    nd the power of this ability to relate is multipli

  • e." His Chinese literatu

    ed when it crosses linguistic and cultural barriers. W

  • re course is no exce▓ption."I think ano

    hen you can see this commonality, you are less likely to dehumanize someone from another culture with stereotypes and prejudice, and this could help di▓minish a lot of hatred and violence," he

ther challenge we ha

  • ve here is that students

    said.In today's highly visual, digital culture, the challenge is "how to get

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    literature in front of people," Laughlin said."We are all still reading. Our relati▓onship with paper is changing...the amount of reading ▓happening on screens is surprisingly voluminou

  • rily reading a lot of

    s, including▓ my own," he said. "So it's about us helping it ▓proliferate through social media, with hashtags and thr▓ough opinion influencers."Science fiction from China, w

  • literature anyway, "

    hic▓h is highly literary, has a lot of momentum in digital culture, espec

  • he said. "We ha

    ially now that it is coming out in movie form such as The Wande

v▓e to draw their

attention back to

the specific rich

ness of language and t

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